Mercury in retrograde

The wifi in my office was disconnected for three hours today. Friends have shared that they've been feeling unsettled or misaligned. I've been struggling to find the right words more often than not. 

Can you feel it too? Mercury is in retrograde. This means you actually can blame the universe for any imbalances you've been feeling the past few weeks. Fair warning, the most intense phase of the retrograde is still to come, making its presence known from April 10th-14th. And then we're in the clear until August. 

Mercury in retrograde means that humans are experiencing an illusion of Mercury moving in the opposite direction to planet Earth, causing minor chaos to ensue. It's a bit complicated (and my intention for this blog post is not to dissect the solar system's misbehavior) ... so you can read more about what's happening in the sky here. 

I do want to share a few tips to make this time less funky for you: 

- meditate & journal.

- do things you feel confident in; stray away from tackling new challenges. 

- surround yourself with familiar faces that make you feel loved and comfortable. 

- purge belongings that no longer serve you. 

- pause before speaking because communication is whack. 

- spend time connecting simply to nature; try a morning walking meditation. 

- don't take things personally. (and while you're at it, read The Four Agreements

To restore energy in your physical body, try using a technique called Toe Tapping:

Lie on the ground on your back. Rest your arms comfortably at your side. Raise your feet a couple inches off the ground and start tapping your big toes together. It may be a little uncomfortable at first, but you’ll get into a nice rhythm after a few minutes. Do this for 5 minutes at minimum, 20 minutes maximum. Listen to upbeat music to stay in the rhythm.

When you’re done, keep still on your back and acknowledge how your body feels. You may feel some buzzing or tingling in your legs. The soles of your feet are one gateway to universal energy. Energetically waking up this part of your body will open yourself up to the positive vibrations of the universe. 

To feel the love and ground yourself to Mother Earth, try these two meditations: 

1.) Heart space meditation. Sit in a comfortable seat. Close your eyes. Place both hands over your heart chakra. Start meditating and repeat to yourself: “May you be happy. May you be well. May you be free from all suffering. May you live your life with ease.” Then visualize a family member, dear friend, or someone who needs some good energy, and repeat that mantra to them.  Do this as many times as you'd like for yourself and for someone you love. 

2.) Root chakra meditation. Again, sit in a comfortable seat. Close your eyes. Either place your hands directly on your root chakra, or visualize. The goal is to focus on breathing into your root. Take a deep breath and draw your inhale up to your crown, then exhale all the way down the front of your body, and into your root. On the inhale, imagine a loop closing up your back and up to your crown again. Repeat this at least 3 times. Each time, feel your body ground deeper into the floor or grass beneath you. 

During these next few weeks, I challenge you to seek balance by nurturing and loving YOU. 

Realize that some things are out of your control. Observe and be aware of how you feel, accept it, and then do your best to live within that space peacefully. 

As above, so below.