Orr Fellowship - I'm currently in my second year in the Orr Fellowship, a two-year entrepreneurship and leadership program that places college graduates in high-growth companies throughout Indianapolis. Within the program, I serve as the Strategic Partnerships Chair. My goal is to build relationships with non-profit and civic organizations in order to connect Orr Fellows to opportunities that expand our impact in the community.

Plan 2020 / Love Indy CommitteeIn June 2014, I joined the Love Indy committee on Plan 2020, which is a strategic planning initiative forging a compelling future for Indianapolis. The initiative is a collaboration between the Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee, Department of Metropolitan Development, and community leaders to make Indianapolis a better place to live, work and visit over the next five years. The Love Indy is one of five Plan 2020 committees charged with creating a city that welcomes, engages and inspires. A lovable Indy builds upon its heritage and supports a diversity of people, authentic places and experiences that foster civic pride and economic impact. A lovable Indy builds upon a tradition of innovation to offer unparalleled arts, cultural, sporting and entertainment amenities accessible to all. In 2014, we met monthly to create a list of strategies and action items for the Plan 2020 Agenda. In 2014, we will work to secure partnerships with city organizations and leaders to achieve these strategies and action items. Be on the lookout for the final Strategic Plan to be published in early 2016. 

Global Shapers - Global Shapers is an initiative of the World Economic Forum, in the form of a network of Hubs developed and led by young people who are exceptional in their potential, their achievements and their drive to make a contribution to their communities. In January 2015, I joined the founding Indianapolis hub along with eleven other young professionals. Over the next five years, it is our responsibility to undertake projects that improve our local and global communities. 

Spirit and Place Festival Steering Committee - The Spirit and Place Festival is a community project that serves to be a catalyst for civic engagement in Central Indiana through creative collaborations among the arts, humanities and religion. The festival reaches 20,000 annually through dozens of programs throughout the city. For one week in November, artists and authors, entrepreneurs and neighborhood organizers, storytellers and scholars come together with the public in a try community conversation. Think: a weeklong, interactive TED talk. The Steering Committee is tasked with steering the vision of the festival each year. Our 2016 theme is "home," and our goal is to create the best possible experience for festival go-ers. 

Butler University Career Services Advisory Board - The CSAB is a group of local professionals from various employers that supports the Internships and Career Services (ISC) office at Butler University. We meet quarterly and discuss topics of job recruitment, interview best practices, ideas for marketing services to students, etc. We also serve as a professional network for the ICS office, and the students who use its resources.