Hi there, I'm Camryn. 

In April 2017, I returned home from a year-long adventure. I spent several months exploring the western U.S. in a minivan, followed by several more months gallivanting throughout India + Southeast Asia. A year has since passed, and I'm still processing everything I experienced. You can read my stories (there are a lot of stories) here.

Now? I live in the soul-enriching state of Colorado. Between the hours of 9am-5pm M-F I spend time promoting business as a force for good at Scream Agency (a B Corp in Denver). Here I tell stories for the outdoor industry, local non-profits, restaurants and more. 

I am also a student of holistic wellness. I'm currently in the process of receiving my certification in Reiki level 2, which has brought an energetic balance to my body, mind and spirit (more on my Reiki journey here). I feel most alive when I experience the power of the universe through nature. 

I thrive off of human connection, so let's chat! I'd love to hear from you.